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Traditional and responsible architecture

Slow Home is a building that dialogues with the environment, a neighborhood full of light and contrasts, flooded with tradition and color, where you can breathe the Valencian feeling without neglecting the essence of this fishing district.

Elegance and tradition come together in the same building. The façade has that characteristic magic so that the sea breeze invades the spaces that make up the building. The feeling of warmth and well-being will embrace you in each of the apartment spaces. All this, together with the use of technology, results in a sustainable building, low consumption and respectful with the environment.

Wood, linen, clay … These elements made by local craftsmen give the building its own personality within the surrounding environment. A way to improve local consumption and unite craftsmanship, tradition and elegance with the same aim: to feel calm, to let go and to enjoy every moment.

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Slow home is located in one of the most emblematic neighborhoods of the city of Valencia, El Cabanyal

El cabanyal

El Cabanyal is a completely unique neighborhood with a personality and spirit never seen before. You have to live it to really understand its essence.

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